“There is one major Pacers player who should be mentioned in the top three or four players ever to wear the blue and gold. That player is Bob Netolicky (#24, right). Netolicky was one of the all time great Pacers and one of the most colorful characters in the ABA. It has been said that “Neto” was the “Broadway Joe Namath” of the ABA, only Neto won more championships!

I remember going to a nightclub after every Pacer home game and partying until late in the evening with all of my favorite Pacers at “Neto’s in the Meadows,” a popular Pacer night spot owned by Mr. Netolicky. It was very interesting to see my heroes fleet of cars in the parking lot of the lounge. Roger Brown’s pink Cadillac El Dorado, Freddie Lewis’ Electric green Cadillac, Neto’s orange Porsche 911 Targa, and of course Indiana’s local favorite, Jimmy “the splendid splinter” Rayl’s beautiful 427 COBRA. Jimmy’s Cobra would rattle the window’s of Neto’s lounge when he started the motor, similar to the way his three pointers rattled the nets in those close games against Kentucky and Utah at the old Fairgrounds Coliseum.

Neto was a great player and true ABA legend. After all anyone who kept a Lion as a pet and made all those All-Star games, must be mentioned as one of the all-time Pacers.”

(this is from Remember the ABA as an example)