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    The Dropping Dimes Foundation is grateful to the NBA and the NBPA for their recent announcement of the “Recognition Benefits” to be paid out to many former ABA players.  And we congratulate all former ABA players on their tremendous contributions to today’s game of pro basketball. The NBA is fully responsible for all aspects of eligibility, timing, calculation and method of payments, and has not yet released any information about the mechanics/timing of the payments. 

    Here’s what we know.

    Who is eligible: Former players who played at least 3 years in the ABA (were on a roster, active or IR, and under contract with an ABA team, for at least 50% of the games during each of 3 seasons) and NEVER vested in an NBA pension benefit at any time. 

    What the payment will be: Somewhere between $319 and $400 per month, per season of ABA play (as defined above), depending on whether the player has previously received an ABA-related pension payout (the NBA has not informed us of how this will be determined so we don’t yet know whether any payout you’ve received in the past applies).

    Beyond that, DDF has no input, control or information regarding who is eligible, when payments will begin, who will receive how much, how they will be paid, whether there will be survivor benefits (we understand there will not be), etc.  

    All questions should be directed to the NBA via phone at 1-888-996-1727.

    We are grateful beyond measure for those who support the ABA cause. 

    Scott Tarter, CEO             John Abrams MD, President

    Ted Green, Chief Creative Director             

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The NBA will officially provide a recognition benefit to former ABA players!

The Dropping Dimes Foundation is grateful for this recognition of the game-changing ABA players by the NBA and NBPA. We look forward to continuing to provide much-needed support to those former ABA players who are not eligible for the new benefits, or who are eligible but nevertheless experience significant financial or medical setbacks.

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The legitimate rival to the NBA in its heyday, the American Basketball Association captured a large and extremely loyal fan base with its high scoring, fast tempo and stylish plays—including popularizing the three-point shot and the dunk contest.

After the league gave so much to fans and the game of basketball, it’s time to give back to the people who made it great.

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